About Us

Anaadyanta '18

From its humble 2003 endeavour, NITTE pulls out its repertoire, a National Level Techno-Cultural event, for the makers and moulders of Bangalore.

A paper-bag of sharpened pencils, easels, notepads, inkpots, colours and light, Anaadyanta amalgamates the thinkers and the dreamers in a three-day festivity of Art, Science and culture. It is not only a platform for the talented, but also a means to take an incisive look at society and lifestyle. From showcasing ideas, wit and opinions to celebrating creativity, Anaadyanta has successfully garnered eagerness and exults in being one of the most talked-about and awaited events in Bangalore.

With escalating footfall every year, it has been leading in showcasing talent from among top institutes across the country.

It has also had an esteemed panel of judges, over the years. It continues to house one of a kind events and has given way to valuable national and international associations. Anaadyanta aims to grow bigger and better with more events, bigger line ups and interesting quirks with every passing year. We aim to bring a smile to your face :)